Fully-Fitted and Fully-Furnished!


Classic and elegant curves as well as soft colors create the suburban look for this Country Style home. Stone surfaces, dark wood finishes, light fabrics and glass blend with the warm interiors while maintaining a modern touch.

Simple, clean lines and neutral colors define the space for this Contemporary Style home. Dark wooden furniture pieces and accessories as well as minimalist design, gives this home its sleek look, one that is modern and functional.

Each breathtaking 3-storey, 2-bedroom Casitas home comes completely ready for you to move in or rent out immediately upon turnover!
  • No hassles looking for furniture or appliances
  • No messy contractors or movers
  • No expensive interior designers
  • Absolutely no moving in worries!
With interiors created by an award winning design team you get everything you need:
  • Bedroom, dining, and living room furnishings
  • Flatscreen TV, DVD player and entertainment system
  • Full kitchen setup
  • Air-conditioning in every bedroom, and more!
Plus a choice of two interior design options - Country or Contemporary, ensuring that your home is built according to your personal style.

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