Unbeatable Value

Priced at 44% less than the nearest competition, get a house and lot that is twice the size of a similarly priced Makati condo, in a location less than half an hour away without the congestion and pollution of the city.

Long-Term US-Style Financing
  • We take the stress out of home buying
  • Lock-in your interest rate for 10 years
  • Move-in early, way before you are fully paid!
  • Limited units available so property values are projected to rise substantially
  • Take advantage of the current Philippine Real Estate boom

  • Versus Condos / Townhomes in the South

     CasitasCompetition 1Competition 2Competition 3Competition 4
    Distance from Makati25251 hour151.5 hours
    Price / Sqm.P 46,000P 55,000P 65,000P 70,000P 82,000
    Casitas SavingsN/A16.4%29.2%34.3%43.9%
    Parking FREE (Individual)Free(Common)P250kP450k(Common)

  • Versus a Condo / Townhouse in Makati

    Layout Type2 BR Casitas2 BR Condo (Low)2 BR Condo (Mid)2 BR Condo (High)
    Price / Sqm.P 46,000P 80,000P 90,000P 100,000
    Price of Unit3,726,0003,726,0003,726,0003,726,000
    Size of Unit (sqm.)8146.541.437.60
    Space PremiumN/A1.74x1.96x2.17x

For pricing terms, please contact 1866-DIAL-CP8.

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